Minimal dubstep

2010-05-31 06:35:35 by ArtSyndicate rge

free download and streaming

Album download.

2010-04-28 02:28:08 by ArtSyndicate /art-syndicate-2

Download my new album here, in full...


Drum and Bass beat tutorial up for Reason 4, and also all my music.

Please visit and give feedback.

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A Christmas Present.

2009-12-25 12:09:38 by ArtSyndicate

Here you go, everything I've ever made. b1186b576897adde19e9b5d22b252ef5df0bc1 3847db661390143435ec59c

If you live in the UK and are willing to pay the postage, I'd be willing to ship a CD of basically everything I've ever done, for a fee of £1.50 to cover the cost of one CD-R.

The track list includes everything on my 4 song 8-bit EP, everything on my 4 song Minimal EP and things that fit into neither category, such as some techno and drum and bass.

Don't expect any fancy art, it'll be a blank CD with a case and print out cover!

Please PM me if interested, I'd be very glad to send you one.

Also, if you live overseas I can send too, but for an increased postage charge.

CD's. - YES. I'm old-fashioned.


2009-12-15 17:27:32 by ArtSyndicate

Minimal EP near completion, starting work on new 8-Bit pieces.



2009-12-12 11:59:46 by ArtSyndicate


Care for some link spam? ^_^

Free downloads of my music above.

And here it is.

2009-12-11 14:11:17 by ArtSyndicate

There we go. My pride and joy, but actually not very good. :)


2009-12-09 16:12:29 by ArtSyndicate

Today I finished the first 8-Bit EP. 4 songs and a cover ^_^

Took me around 20 hours altogether, I've just worked out. If anyone wants it, it's an 8MB zip file, I can upload it and post you the link if anyone is interested.